Website Tips

Here is a guideline, your website development project may have needs that are not specified here.

1. What is the primary purpose of the site?
- What services or products do you provide
- Profit or non-profit

2. What are the secondary goals?
- Is search engine ranking an important factor to be considered?
- Do you desire repeat visitors?
- Will you require membership or email addresses?
- Will you have a  newsletter?

3. Who are you trying to reach?
- How will they find you?
- What phrases would they use if they were searching online for your site?

4. Website design
- Is there a design you have in mind?
- Do you have a logo?
- What color theme? Three to five colors is good.
- Do you need  printable pages?
- What photos will be included?
- Will you have video and audio sections?
- Credit card purchases or Papal services?
- Will there be photos of you or company employees on the site?
- Do any of your vendors have information to be included?
- Do you want your navigation on the side or at the top of the pages?
- What types of forms will be need to gather information?
- Will you need email boxes set up?
- Do you have a short phrase which describes your company?
- Do you have existing promotional materials?
- Text content should be no less than 250 words of rich text.

5. What will be the titles for your pages?
- Home
- Contact us
- Portfolio
- Testimonials

6. Preparation for search engine optimization
- What terms will people use when searching for your services or products?
- What websites would be good to try to link with?
- What are the most important keywords for you site?

7. Website maintenance
- Will you need training to manage your site once it is built?
- Will you be hiring us to make changes?
- What future additions or alterations will be necessary and how often?